a blanket for little peanut

A few weeks ago...or more precisely a month and a half ago, I finished a project I was very excited about.  Since December I had been knitting, knitting, knitting away on a baby blanket for a good friend and her 'little peanut'.  I finished it in the beginning of February, but couldn't share my finished product here until it was officially mailed and in the hands of my friend.  And that took a while since I'm in the Dominican Republic and the blanket needed to find it's way through customs and back to the US.

I received confirmation this week that the blanket arrived so I can now share some more pictures here!  This is probably the most complicated baby blanket pattern I have tackled thus far in my knitting career.  I loved the lace and cables and it seemed perfect for a little girl.  The tough part about this pattern is that you start from the center and knit out.  Initially you feel like you're making lots of progress, but as the knitting goes on, the final rows with hundreds of stitches seem to drag on and on.  Every other row is a knit row and sometimes I felt like I'd never reach the end of those knit rows.  The pattern isn't one that you eventually memorize and I constantly needed to refer to the details.  All that to say that it was not an easy pattern, but in my opinion, well worth the effort.

I used Cotton-Ease, one of my go-to yarns for baby items.  It's soft, easy to work with, versatile, and washable.  As an added bonus, it comes in lots of great colors.  I chose this color "blossom" because it wasn't traditional pastel pink, but has more depth and almost a dusty gray to it.  [I also used Cotton-Ease for this blanket]

For all the details and to get the pattern for free, see my Raverly page.

I used the leftover yarn and some other scrap yarn to knit together a few all-purpose washcloths.  One is the ballband dishcloth (previous post or Ravelry).  The other is a double bump dishcloth (Ravelry).

Next on the needles?  I'm about 60% through with a scarf that I'm knitting to celebrate my return to the US and cooler temperatures. After that I'm planning to finally complete a wearable pair of socks.  Socks are my knitting Achilles heel and I'm determined to conquer them this year.