pysanky 2012

easter eggs pysanky

Every year I host a Pysanky Party and invite friends over to learn how to decorate eggs Ukrainian style. I also make some traditional Ukrainian food like paska for my guests. And every year, people tell me they're going to come and then don't show up.

I'm not sure why...but it's a phenomenon that has plagued my Pysanky Parties from New York to Seattle and now to Denver. Everyone seems excited about the activity, but then the excuses flow on the day of the event.

I used to get upset by all the no-shows. While the lame excuses still annoy me, I know like to view it as my "weeding out" process. The people who show up and like it get included on the list for next year...and the no shows? No luck.

I brought the finished eggs to a few friends at church on Sunday morning. It was an effective way of finding new people to invite next year. A few people saw the eggs and were very interested in them and I'm mentally adding them to the invite list for next year.

easter eggs

As for me, I haven't finished my eggs for the year. I'll still do a few more this week before I'm done. So far, my best egg from this year is the blue egg on the right of the picture above. Typically, I start off with ugly eggs and progressively get better, but this one was my first try. I had a few failed designs after that...but I'll finish strong.

The other eggs are from last year.

We did have a few egg casualties. In fact, the people my Mom invited over ALL dropped at least one egg. One of my friends lost an egg in the car on her way home. And our dog managed to ruin one of our older eggs.

How? We had a few on display on one of the end tables. He jumped up and grabbed one. Luckily it was one that was dry inside. He took one bite and realized the egg was rotten inside. I guess that was his punishment.

Lesson? Don't name your dog Rascal, or he'll live up to his name. (He looks so innocent, right?)

Rascal the bichon