10 Free One Skein Knitting Patterns

I recently finished a few knitting projects and as I thought about what I should cast on next, I realized I have so much yarn in my stash. Leftover yarn, skeins I bought with no project in mind, stray projects I abandoned--I have enough to fill up a couple of cubbies in my IKEA cabinet. Instead of buying new yarn for new projects, I thought I would challenge myself to at least make a dent in the stash I have now. I've been knitting quite a few hats this winter (for me and for gifts). Many one skein projects are for hats or baby gifts or dishcloths. I tried to find some that looked fun and interesting and didn't all fit under the traditional categories.

It will be nice to try a few of these quick projects. What's your go-to project to use up leftover yarn?

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